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Episode 515: Telltale Closes

September 27th, 2018 by jonahfalcon · 1 Comment

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This week follows the stunning announcement over the closure of Telltale Games and the repercussions of the shuttering of one of the most influential companies in the industry. There’s also Scott continuing to gush about Dragon Quest XI and Jonah enjoying the 2008 version of Prince of Persia again. That, and Fallout 3 headlines the Gaming Flashback.

News of the week include:

  • Telltale employees left stunned by company closure
  • Swiss soccer fans temporarily stop game to protest esports
  • Brian Fargo will try to buy back Interplay if The Bard’s Tale IV sells well enough
  • Rez creator’s musical re-imagining of Tetris launches in November

Let us know what Telltale Games you were hoping to see in the future.

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  • 1 RalfNo Gravatar // Oct 2, 2018 at 1:47 am

    Hi guys.
    Thanks for this (and the few last) episode(s). I was very busy the last weeks, so i was not able to write a comment. Sorry for that! You deserve listener feedback 🙂
    Regarding Telltale: In my opinion this is very unfair to treat the employees like that. I am happy, that something like that is not possible in germany, we got special “insurance” for such a situation. But in addition it is sad, because i liked telltale and the games they made 🙁
    To our neighbours in the swiss: this is such a stupid move, and i have read this as well. Your comment, that i dont want to fight for animal right by thrwoing kittys at an animal shelter perfectly describes how stupid this protest action was.
    Regaridng the Tetris topic, i played a lot of Lumines and i love the game for it´s simplicity (like Tetris). Such games you are able to play for half an hour and dont have to remember any story or complicated moves. Most of the newer games, you need to know every button on the joypad, have hours of storytelling and complex storylines … i dont judge this, but these games are no games you are able to play for some minutes.
    To the question of the week: As already mentioned in the episode, i would love to see another Back to the future Telltame game 🙂 I think i already mentioned it once, but i am a real BTTF fanatic (my right leg is completly tattooed with BTTF).
    Last but not least: TJ, congratulations to your wedding! I wish you will have a beatiful marriage and will stay together forever!
    Greetings from germany and have a nice week.

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