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The podcast was begun ten years ago by Derrick Schommer, Jennifer Schommer, Don Dunn and Doug Petersen. They were and are avid gamers covering a variety of topics, opinions and genres.

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The founders, Derrick and Jennifer, were and still are a married “gaming couple,” who have more than one Xbox 360 a few Nintendo DS’s and a Wii. They’ve played archives of PC Games, Macintosh Games, consoles, hand-helds and coin-operated titles. They’re raising two young children and starting them early in the world of gaming.

Don has gamed since he could walk, plays PC games and MMORPG’s like World of Warcraft (as well as Jennifer and Derrick) and recently purchased an Xbox 360 to expand his gaming horizons to next-generation consoles.

Doug’s another old school gamer who grew up on Pac-Man, Mrs. Pac-Man, Final Fantasy and Zelda. When he’s not rocking PC games he’s playing with his Wii (pun intended).

How Did The Podcast Begin?

Derrick and Don have known each other since the 7th grade. Doug and Derrick are cousins who have been gaming together since the Atari 2600 was king and Jennifer and Derrick have been together since the 8th grade–playing games together for years. Jonah was invited to join the Podcast in Episode 198, and fully took over for Don in Episode 201. A few weeks later, Derrick and Jennifer retired from the podcast, as Jordan and Paul migrated from the Videogame Roundtable to help Jonah co-host the Podcast.

Who Are The New People?

Derrick, Don and Jennifer have since left the reins of the podcast to Jonah Falcon, everyone’s unfavorite host. Post co-hosts have included Jordan Lund, Paul S. Nowak, and Dan Quick, with one-shot guest hosts including the late Andrew Yoon and Hillary Goldstein. Jonah’s current regular co-hosts are Scott Dirk and T.J. Denzer, with Paul occasionally returning to brighten the podcast like sarcastic sunshine.

Casual or Hardcore?

We love all styles of game play, anything that innovates the gaming industry and is highly entertaining. We cannot classify ourselves as any one style of gamer but Jennifer has expanded her gaming into casual games and writes news and reviews at her site, Casual Gamer Chick.

What’s our Podcast About?

Currently, the TD Gaming Podcast has exceeded 450+ episodes and continues to grow. Hundreds of people listen to our shows each week! Although we’ve got great plans to extend our adventures into video casting, right now the TD Gaming Podcast is our main show and will continue to be for many years to come.

The TD Gaming Podcast covers current industry events, soap box discussions on game history, advertising, industry news and upcoming products. Each episode covers a Gaming Flashback and a bit of history on the game industry.