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Episode 319: Someone Is Butt-Hurt About Microsoft

July 30th, 2013 by jonahfalcon · 2 Comments

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There’s no Gaming Flashback or Gaming History, but there is a crapton of news this week on TD Gaming Podcast, which Jonah Falcon and Jordan Lund eagerly read.

That, and Jordan really wants to know what you have been playing.

The news this week includes:

  • Microsoft officially announces indie self-publishing, to be unveiled at GamesCom 2013
  • Phil Fish explodes on Twitter, cancels Fez II in a huff
  • Shadow of the Eternals back on Kickstarter, no longer episodic
  • Neil Gaiman has announced his first videogame, Wayward Manor
  • Lanning: Nintendo will be around for “100 years,” but probably not Zynga or Microsoft
  • Activision-Blizzard buys out $8.2B of its own stock from Vivendi
  • Paid subscribership of World of Warcraft down to 7.7M

All this and Listener feedback.

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  • 1 AlphashardNo Gravatar // Aug 2, 2013 at 4:39 pm

    Good show guys but I’m missing Paul and Dan.

    I heard you mention your playing Shadowrun Returns Jonah, how are you liking the game? I’ve gotten it myself and it seems to have a short campaign seeming to rely on the community to create campaigns themselves like with the Neverwinter games.

    Speaking of Sierra Online and Kickstarter, Hero-U being made by the Coreys was mentioning the various other creative leads also kickstarting their old franchises as well. Although changed since they don’t own the original IP like (Space Quest = Space Venture).

    As for what I’m playing I’m playing Civ V BNW, Minecraft and Jade Empire. It’s my first time playing JE and I got it off GoG and I can see why it got the reviews it did, it is a well deserved reputation. Good atmosphere and challenge in the fights, at least for me since I’m not a great action game player.

  • 2 Arthur VNo Gravatar // Aug 4, 2013 at 9:56 am

    @Getting old
    Happy Birthday Jonah. Congratulations on getting one year closer to death. On the bright side, your mid-life crisis is just about over. Roll on arthritis, weak knees and a man-sized diaper.

    @Phil Fish is no longer aPHILiated with FISHy gaming business (damn I’m punny)

    Man. That sounds so childish. But it would have a better effect if FEZ would be Halo or Mass Effect. Personally, I never heard of FEZ until he started making all that racket. In fact , this could have a good post-mortem marketing effect.

    @Shadow of the Eternals back from the dead (again)

    It’s funny how the game is already f**king with you. And it’s not even out yet. I really want to see it released. It will be a nice £5 title, considering that It will sell next to no copies on the Wii U. Although I am afraid that this project will not see the light of day regardless of how many times they put it on Kickstarter. Not until Silicone Knights sell off the IP

    @Neil Gaiman making games

    That sounds terrific. Neil Gaiman is a talented writer, so the story is bound to be good. Lets hope the game can keep up with him. I read a number of his books. Enjoyed all of them. Looking forward to this game.

    @The worldwide Internet sensation

    I played WoW for the first time a few month ago and was very disappointed. It did not live up to my expectations. But that is most likely because I played a lot of WoW clones for the past few years and I am fed up with the genre. I found WoW to be very basic compared to its clones. I am sure it is a good game, but I just have to much of a life to waste my time on this.

    Ps: I haven’t played Walking Dead past episode 1 yet, so I didn’t listen to the last podcast discussion to avoid spoilers. Thought I was successful, but did not expect Jordan’s stealthy revelation about Lee. For the future, it would be nice if you could maybe mention that spoilers will follow or put it in the podcast description, that would be nice.

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