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Episode 228: Two Thirds Show

August 24th, 2011 by jonahfalcon · 1 Comment

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This week is a shorter-than-usual show as Paul S. Nowak is away on a birthday vacation. Instead, Jonah and Jordan discuss the Sega Saturn game Burning Rangers, and the following news topics:

There’s also reader feedback and the Question of the Week: What do you look for first in a game’s bullet-point features? Also, check out some of the outtakes after the show ends.

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  • 1 Herr_AlienNo Gravatar // Aug 25, 2011 at 3:32 am

    @GameStop developing console and PC game streaming
    This is quite funny, since I remember Derrick and Jennifer talking about GameStop as the iconic brick-and-mortar type of shop, not willing to buckle up on the pressure put by digital distribution channels.

    The big problem I see is the fact that now there are quite a lot of digital distribution channels: Steam, Origin, Desura, not to mention the console based ones. It got crowded, and getting a slice of the pie is (now) very difficult.

    Now, in terms of streaming, the only competition is OnLive. They will need to do something differently, however, if they want to become top dog. I’m curious as to what will that be.

    @Is the Xbox 720 chip set
    Well, the technology is already there. Call it Sandy bridge or ‘fusion’, CPU+GPU+memory controller are here to stay.
    The hardware technology was already tested (well, Intel had some issues with Sandy bridge …) and deemed suitable for marketing.

    SoC means ‘System on a Chip’, meaning everything (CPU, RAM, ports etc) is on the same chip.

    Jordan, I see the 720 as just a hardware upgrade of the 360. It will be (just like 360) still based on PC-like hardware, so I say the 360 games will be perfectly compatible with the 720. This means the 720 already has a good library.

    The way I see it, Microsoft decided to steamroll the competition.

    @industry is failing female gamers
    I say put your money where your mouth is. Instead of complaining about the fact that the market represented by female gamers is not being properly exploited, I say take the opportunity and make a game that will bring you the moneyz 😛

    My sister also loved UT. She also played Quake 3 and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, but her arena of choice remained UT. Another game she liked a lot was the first Unreal game.
    Back to the UT/Quake3/MOHAA, she also played them in multi player.

    I take pretty much the same approach as Jordan. I don’t look at bullet points.
    But, be it FPS or RTS, I want a nice, plausible story.

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