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Name: Jennifer Schommer

I am a female gamer, yes you read that right, I am female. I like to play all types of games, but lately I have been focusing on casual games. Casual games are nice, I can start them up play a level or two, shut the game off and do what I need to do, then come back and play the game again. Go here to learn how to read the check stubs.

I started gaming back when I was a teenager.  My first computer was a Macintosh which sort of limited my exposure to early games. I finally got a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) for Christmas one year and that is when I really started gaming. I eventually built my first PC and got into PC gaming through out my late high school years and into my college years. Now I play both PC games, which are all casual or flash games and console games, which are Xbox 360 games or occasionally Nintendo Wii games.

Favorite Games? I don’t really have a favorite game, but I do have a favorite genre of games. My favorite genre is puzzle games; I love creative puzzle games where players have to use their creativity and ingenuity to solve the puzzles. The other genre of games I enjoy is time management games. Time management games are games where players have to juggle a few tasks at once and it usually involves keeping people happy as you are juggling those tasks. Aside from those two genres, I like new and creative games.  For instance, when Worms came out I played that game a lot and still enjoy playing Worms.

Hardest Game? I consider Myst the hardest game I have played. I get frustrated with games that require me to solve puzzles in a certain way and I can’t progress until I do.  I normally don’t “think” like the developers and I don’t end up solving the puzzles in the correct order. I spend more time wandering around wondering what to do, which makes me bored.

Nostalgia for? I love Contra. I will still play that game to this day.  I didn’t even own Contra, my cousin did. I played Contra over his house and really enjoyed it. Every time I see Contra I think of when I was little and could play games all day long. Ahh what a great time in life.

Games you lack interest in? I do not like simulation games that imitate life, for instance TheSims type games. I would rather just live my life then try to emulate my life in a video game. I am not a big fan of first person shooters either. I mainly don’t like first person shooters because I am not good at them.  I will play first person shooters if the story line is fairly good, like in Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (G.R.A.W).

Favorite Genre? I already answered this question when I answered my favorite game, but I will repeat it here so you don’t have to go back and see the answer. My favorite genre is puzzle games.  I love creative puzzle games where players have to use their creativity and ingenuity to solve the puzzles. The other genre of games I enjoy is time management games.

Favorite Console? I don’t really have a favorite console.  I gravitate towards consoles for their game libraries. I own an Xbox 360, but only because it was the first “next gen” system on the market. The Xbox 360 was a fair price too. If the PS3 was the first “next gen” console on the market AND it was a fair price at release time I would probably own a PS3 instead of an Xbox 360.

When you’re not gaming, what are you doing? Podcasting or work. I am in the middle of attempting to start a company and run a web site that makes some money too, so these days most of my time is spent working in one form or another. In between all that I spend time with my two children. With the advent of the Nintendo Wii and my daughter getting a bit older, I am able to combine kid time and game time occasionally. We will play outside and play board games as well.

Favorite TV Show? My favorite TV show is 24.  I really like Biggest Loser too. Biggest Loser is a great show because it is a reality show that helps change peoples lives instead of just stinking them in a house or on an island together. Don’t get me wrong though, I do like Survivor too.

Favorite Musical Artist? I enjoy all types of music from country to rock to oldies music. I mainly listen to Rock music, such as GodSmack and other such musicians.

What do you do for a real job? I am a stay at home mom. I run a casual gaming blog (casualgamerchick.com). I run an online video game store (www.techdiversions.com). I am also working on starting, yet, another company. As you can see I keep myself pretty busy.