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Name: Don Dunn

My first console was an Atari 2600 with the wood grain panel, very pimp.  On that fabled system I had  Kaboom, Combat, Indiana Jones, ET, River Raid and Sea Quest (two of the best games!).  Since then I’ve owned or played most consoles including PCs.  At one point I even had the full sized arcade cabinet version of Dig Dug.

I’m now 30, happily married with one little girl (whom I hope will become a geek herself) and still gaming strong.  I’m always on the lookout for a game that my wife will enjoy to get her more involved in my hobby (I have high hopes for Spore!).

I’ve known Jen and Derrick for so long, they are more family than friends.  I became a regular on the podcast since it is just an extension of our normal game related conversations anyway … might as well record it.

Favorite Games?

  • Atari 2600: River Raid, Sea Quest
  • NES: Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, Mortal Kombat, Contra
  • Super Nintendo: Donkey Kong Country, Zelda (Link to the Past), Super Metroid, Final Fight
  • Nintendo 64: Mario Tennis, Super Mario 64, Zelda (Ocarina of Time), Snowboard Kids, Goldeneye 007
  • Gamecube: Metroid Prime, Luigi’s Mansion, Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros
  • PS1: Metal Gear Solid, Syphon Filter

Hardest game? I’m having trouble thinking of one specifically.  I know that I used to get frustrated with some of those “live action” sort of games because the controls never seemed to respond the way I wanted them to.

Gaming Nostalgia for? Donkey Kong Country … you knew this game was going to be great when you lifted the cartridge out of the box because it was heavy.  They had to jam so much memory into that tiny plastic case for this game.  It definitely had cutting edge graphics and music that was so good, you could listen to it on its own.

Games you lack interest in? Though there are a couple of FPS games I like, I’m typically not a big fan.  I’m also really not a fan of PvP type games … I prefer co’op or games I can play at my own pace.

Favorite Genre? I tend to like simulation games simply for their awesome replay value (SimCity, Pharaoh, Master of Orion).  World of Warcraft has been the only MMORPG that I’ve truly latched on to.  And I have liked a few FPS games, namely Counter-Strike.

Favorite Console? I really loved the SNES … there were so many games for it that I just really enjoyed.  It was the first system which had graphics and sound which made me say, “Wow!”.

When you’re not gaming? With two very large dogs (English Mastiffs), a slightly older house, a wife, a toddler and a job … I’m kept quite busy … but I love spending time with my wife and little goober.

Favorite TV show? I’ve only recently got into the Big Bang Theory (my wife likes it too, she married a geek and is a Biology geek herself).  I also have MythBusters and Robot Chicken setup as a season pass on my Tivo.

Favorite Musical Artist? I really don’t have a single specific artist I like.  I tend to like Rock, Jazz and Rock/Folk type music the most.  My ipod currently has U2, Beatles, Black Crowes, James Taylor, Led Zepplin, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, The Police, Tom Petty, Red Hot Chili Peppers as well as others.

What is your “real job”? My title is currently Senior Network Engineer & Security Analyst … I really do quite a few things IT related though … DNS, networking, scripting, web development, unix server admin … etc.  I do a little of everything I suppose.

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