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Gaming Podcast 168: Sixteen Dollar Increments

April 13th, 2010 · 7 Comments

We’re back this week, and we’re busting through some news articles dealing with Electronic Arts, Activision, Warhammer and more. Community comments, feedback, flashback and game history. The news articles include: Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima thinks consoles are dying Warhammer Online overcharging players EA picking up exclusive publishing rights to Ex-Infinity Ward Developer‘s new […]

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Milo and Mijo: Project Natal Spoof

June 13th, 2009 · 1 Comment

It contains a bit of “rough language,” you have been warned 🙂 Checkout their other shows at ScrewAttack, this is a play on Project Natal’s Milo concept demo in which animated “Milo” interacts with a real human.

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Game Time – Solid Steve vs. The M-Rated Games

April 30th, 2009 · 1 Comment

We’re lucky to have a lot of talented friends in the game industry and today we’re lucky to be able to share a new video show from Jerry Bonner. I asked if we could show off their new show, Game Time, and get a little audience response from the show and its content. Personally, I […]

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Gaming Podcast 116: We Can’t Get To The Cloud!

March 31st, 2009 · 4 Comments

This week’s gaming podcast covers a wide variety of news, we also argue a bit about the Wow restrictions on taking donations and cash (again) and touch on some gaming history involving The Sims and the history of Infocom. For news, we’ve tackled EA Leaves SecuRom out of Sims 3 Sony Enticing Independent Developers to […]

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2old2play’s 2008 LAN Video, Older Gamers Having Fun

August 22nd, 2008 · No Comments

2OLD2PLAY from Janks Morton on Vimeo. For those 25 and older, 2old2play offers lots of great gaming fun and communities for all genres of gaming. They’ve been around since roughly 2005, this video, done by Janks Morton (one of the members) is excellent. This type of footage could easily be something on a cable network, […]

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Rush Playing Tom Sawyer – Rock Band

July 25th, 2008 · No Comments

This goes to show you, not even the best of the best can always expert everything! Rush sits down and plays Rock Band on the “expert” setting on the song Tom Sawyer and manages a less than stellar performance.

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Rock Band 2 Trailer – Foo Fighters

July 13th, 2008 · No Comments

If you’re a rock band fan, you’ll want to checkout their new hype wagon trailer. Nothing new here, really, looks like they’ve added some “70’s style” effects to the character animations on certain areas. The Rock Band 2 title seems to adopt much from its original game in terms of graphics, rendering and overall design. […]

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Mega Man 9 – Actual Teaser Footage

July 7th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Here is the first teaser footage, badly encoded with tons of words overlying the action but you get the idea. It’s total 8-bit retro feel with classic NES style sound effects. This instantly rockets you back to your youth in front of the cartridged based square box of an entertainment system. Is this going to […]

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Call of Duty 5: World At War Trailer

June 23rd, 2008 · No Comments

One thing Activision does very well with the Call of Duty series is making you feel like you’re part of the war and not just a gamer. It may be the coloring, the life-like environments, explosions or movie-style filtering, whatever it is makes their series feel like a world at war. Now, we’re heading back […]

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Summoner Geeks

June 20th, 2008 · 1 Comment

One of the best “viral videos” of it’s time, Summoner Geeks shows people what D&D players are really like in the wild. The video plays upon many of the crazy scenarios in a typical Dungeons and Dragons session including the guy with no clue, the guy who changes his character sheet when it feels like […]

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